The manoAmano Circus Company has performed more than 900 shows, participating in more than 150 festivals, in 30 countries, 4 continents, delighting the different audiences around the world.


First prize / jury’s choise: IV Festival de Teatro de Calle y Artes Circenses de Avila – Spain, 7/2010.
Third prize / audience’s choise: XIII Bamberg Zaubert – Germany, 7/2011.
First prize / jury’s choise: XX Lenzburguer GauklerFestival – Switzerland, 8/2013.
Third prize / audience’s choise: Künstler & Meer Bajazzo – Germany, 8/2013.
Best Circus Show / audience’s choise: XVII Bamberg Zaubert – Germany, 7/2015.


After sharing three years working together at the “La Arena” Circus Company, Martín Umerez and Ana Clara Manera, created the independent company manoAmano. In Mar del Plata, Argentina, manoAmano premiered the show “Kinematos”, in Greek: «movement».

– They begun their first tour in The Old World. They got 1ST PRIZE of the jury for the best show in the IV Festival of Street Theatre and Circus Arts in Ávila, Spain.


– During the months of January and February of 2011, they performed their show in the stage of “La Pasiva”, Piriápolis, Uruguay.

– In April they begun their second tour around the world. They travelled through 11 countries in 2 continents:

– In Europe they performed in 16 festivals. In the XIII Bamberg Zaubert Festival, Germany, they got 3RD PRIZE for the best show.

– In the city of Pune, India, they worked in the “Rambo Circus”, a traditional circus with a big top with capacity for 4000 people.

– They also performed in the historical center of Katmandu, Nepal, in aid of a city´s NGO.


– During January and February 2012, 2013 and 2014 they performed in Mar del Plata and Miramar. Also, during these years, they participated in various festivals in Argentina and around the world.

– Along with three colleagues and friends, Ana Clara and Martín, created a new show with the Barlovento Company.


They started their 3rd world tour:
– manoAmano performed during one month in “The Venetian Macao Hotel”, in Asia.

– After that they travelled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they take part of the “Circuito SESC de Artes”.

– In June manoAmano arrived to Europe, playing in 12 different Festivals. In the Lenzburguer Gauklerfestival, Switzerland, “Kinematos” won the 1ST PRIZE of the Jury for the best show.

– In the Kunstler & Meer Festival, Germany, they won the 3RD PRIZE of the audience for the best show.

– In October they travelled again to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they perform 11 shows of “Kinematos” in differents SESC Institutions.


– During 2014 they performed in 15 festivals in 10 different countries of South America and Europe.


– In March 2015 manoAmano traveled again to Macao, Asia, performing in the Venetian Macao Hotel.
In June manoAmano played in Ceará, Brasil in the Festival dos Inhamuns and after travel to Europe, playing in 11 differents Festivals. In the XIII Bamberg Zaubert Festival, Germany, they won the 1ST PRIZE of the audience for the best circus show.


– During March manoAmano travelled to Australia to perform in Adelaide Fringe and Fremantle Street Arts.

– In April they performed in Viedma, Patagonia – Argentina.

– In June they traveled to the european season where they will be presented in 12 festivals in 11 countries!


– In March manoAmano traveled to Brazil to perform in Circuito SESC de Circo in Sao Paulo presenting in 7 diferent SESC.

– During March / April, manoAmano traveled to Australia to perform at: Castlemaine Festival, Joondalup Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

– From June to September they traveled to Europe where they perform in 15 festivals from different countries.


– In April manoAmano traveled to Brazil to perform again in Circuito SESC das Artes, playing in 10 different cities around São Paulo.

– After that they traveled for first time to South Korea to perform in CIMF.

– From May to September manoAmano played in 15 european festivals.

– In November they return to Brazil to perform in several SESC units in Sao Paulo.


– In the begging of the year they perform in different festivals in Argentina.

– From May to September manoAmano depart for a new European tour, playing in 22 festival in 9 different countries.

– In November they play in Japan for first time in the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka.