Option 1:
4 points forming square.

Option 2:
3 points in a triangualar shape.

Technical Requirements

To assemble the Chinese pole (5,5 mts high) it is necessary to have a space of 10 x 10 meters per side, with 7.5 mts. high.

These are the ideal measures but this could be modified depending on the dimensions of the space.

It must have four anchor points forming a square or three points distributed in a triangular shape. Preferably four. These can be 1.000 kg weights (water, cement, sand, etc.) in each anchor point. We can also use columns, trees, cars, etc. as well as stakes into the ground.

To perform the show we need the floor completely dry. In case of performing on the grass, it must be before sunset, or have a stage, carpet, etc.

Creation and interpretation: Ana Clara Manera and Martín Umerez